Tuesday, January 02, 2007

* Some sms from friends,

Dont' Forget to start with Love and Smile on your face.
Happy new year 2007

Sent by SariSenja

Happy New year 2007
Wishes you all the best.
keep smiling coz the life will change to be a better one!

sent by Mark and Wanda Reid Aussy

Dream what you want to dream
Go where you want to go
Be what you want to be
Coz you only have one life
And chance to do all dat things
You want to do.
Happy nuw year 07

sent by Andreaz

i Pray that happiness be at your door.
May it knock early,remain and leave
the gift of excellent health and good fortune behind.
Happy New Year.

sent by Meli n cun Medan

One more day,
this year is ending.
one more night,
a new day begins.
one more year,
another chance begins.
we start with a new hopes.
Happy New Year.

sent by Irma

Wishing you 12 mont of happiness.
52 weeks of fun.
365 days of laughter.
8760 hours of good luck.
525600 minutes of joy.
31536000 second of success.
Have a Happy New Year :)

sent by shevy

Selamat membuka lembaran baru sahabat....
Happy New Year 2007

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